Police barrier at ground zero

Police barrier at ground zero


I travelled to NY on 919 the first day that the airoplanes were back up and flying, while most people were still scared to fly. "You know Lois, statistically speaking flying is still the safest way to travel"

  Fear should not prevent the world from being a single community. Where we can all live in peace. We don't need terrorism we need Tourism. "no more border or boundaries" Neo the Matrix

  Every one was brought together watching the same footage on TV when the Towers came down. All tho' in a bad way it brought many people together, at one time.

  If we could just do this with tourism rather than terrorism. If people could join in a united cause to make the world a smaller better place, without such huge boundaries and restrictions. Of course we need some boundaries but, when these produce hatred and fear they don't serve us well.

Did you know Dr Who 10th version was Scottish? We would love for you to come to Scotland.

Of course there is always the stars too we have Comic Con here in Scotland helping tourism.

The stars can guide us
My x girl friend from the land of Oz, way down under. In NY, the smoke rising behind her in an aura, of what was once the Trade Towers.